Affiliate Marketing Bootcamp

Do you have what it takes to be a soldier in the Affiliate Marketing Militia?

Enlist in the Affiliate Marketing Bootcamp now!

This bootcamp provides all the information you need to get started in affiliate marketing, for FREE. There step-by-step actions to take along the way, for FREE.

I need you to promise me ONE thing.

Stick with me!

In an effort to avoid information overload, I have trimmed the fat on this training and kept it to the bare essentials for making your first money with affiliate marketing. I’ve kept lessons short with actions you must take before proceeding in the form of Missions. In order to actually make process, you need to spend only 20% of your time reading/learning and 80% of your time DOING!

Don’t go chasing shiny objects! Follow the program, complete the missions, rank up from Private to General, and make your first dollar!

If you devote yourself to follow this training, you will have learned 99% of what some affiliate marketing training programs charge hundreds of dollars for and you can instead spend your money on what you actually need: a website! Setting up your website will cost around $15 and that’s all you will need to make your first sale. Get the training for free and invest just $15 into your business and you’ll be well on your way to becoming a successful affiliate marketer.

Are you ready? Then lets begin!

To progress through the ranks of the Affiliate Marketing Militia, you will need to complete each rank’s mission. Each rank is broken down into these parts:

  • Mission Debrief
    o This is the actual lesson with the necessary information to understand and complete the mission
  • Mission
    o These are the objectives you must complete to successfully complete the mission and achieve the next rank!
  • Bonus Objectives
    o Some missions have bonus objectives that are not necessary to complete to move onto the next rank. They are tasks that if completed may help you excel at a faster rate than your fellow soldiers but are entirely optional.

Understood?! Then, lets begin your training! Hoorah!

Affiliate Marketing Bootcamp


We are currently recruiting new soldiers to climb the ranks of the Affiliate Marketing Militia! Do you have what it takes?